Senior citizens are a target for burglaries because thieves think there is a less of a chance of getting caught. Burglars feel that that seniors are slower and more likely to have a collection of valuables. Many burglaries occur during the day. People are usually not home and may not notice someone unloading a neighbor's house. Robbers will case a neighborhood looking for the right target and opportunity.

It is hard to completely secure your home from getting robbed. However, you can take steps to deter burglars or make carrying out a burglary tough. Read on to find out how you can make your home less of a target for burglaries.

Install An Alarm System

Seniors who are concerned about their safety should consider home alarm systems. A basic home security system is wired to a central control panel in your home. When a door or window opens, the alarm will activate and let the command center know the alarm is going off. Today's systems are very advanced and come with a variety of features. You can even see video of your home from your cellphone.

In Manchester, NJ, two burglars went on a month-long burglary spree in a senior community. The burglars went in the house during the evenings when no one was at home and stole jewelry and firearms. Residents in a span of one month reported two burglary attempts and 12 burglaries. This crime shows how seniors are targeted.

Give Spare Key To A Trustworthy Neighbor

You should have one neighbor that you trust in your neighborhood. It is important to build a bond with your neighbors and look out for each other's property. Instead of putting your spare key under a door mat, you should give it to a neighbor who you trust. When you are out of town, he or she can check on your home.

Don't Open Your Door To Everybody

It is common for burglars to target your house while you are at home. The burglars may try to get in your house under a ruse. They may pretend to be from a utility company or a charity. These criminals may try to get you to step away from your home while one of them sneaks inside. Burglars also try to distract seniors while taking a quick look around the home. They tend to steal valuables like jewelry and money, which are items that can be swipe quickly.

If you are going to be away from your home for an extended period, then you should only share this information with close loved ones. Posting about going out of town on social media makes your home a target for criminals. For more information, contact local professionals like Tele-Plus.