A great home theater system with a rich display and great sound is the best way to keep a family entertained. With a good home theater system, the family can skip expensive nights out at the movies and cozy around the TV with homemade pizza and popcorn for a good movie. One of the biggest issues when owning a family theater system is keeping the little kids away from some of the pieces. Small kids could get curious or not be careful and knock over speakers and other theater parts. Here is how you can childproof your theater system. 

Shelve the speakers

Instead of sitting speakers on the floor or allowing them to be on a pole, you should shelve the speakers. Install shelves that are drilled into the wall so that they cannot fall, even if children attempt to climb or stand on them. Place the speakers at the very top, and attach them to the shelf bottom with gum adhesive. This way the speakers won't shake or move around. 

Attach the television to the wall

It is not uncommon for children to be clumsy. Children who are new to walking can easily fall or lose their bearings. Older children may not be careful taking snacks or drink into the theater room. If you do not want the children to accidentally fall against the television or spill something near the TV, you should make sure that the television is secured against the wall. Get a television mount that is movable so that the TV can be tilted or moved if you choose to change around the seating in the room. Be sure that the wall that you place this on is sturdy and able to support the weight of the television. 

Invest in a large remote

Remote controls are the very first thing that come up missing in any household. Instead of keeping the small remote controls that come along with the television or theater system, get a larger-than-average-size remote. Some remote controls are the size of a tablet and can come with easy touch screen buttons. These are much harder to lose and easier to find in the event that they fall into a couch cushion or get pushed under a sofa. A large remote that operates the TV and sound system can also lead to less clutter in the entertainment room, which is great for parents' nerves. 

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