Searching endless search engines for software you think should exist but does not can be very frustrating. With all the things that computers, programming, and software can do now, you would expect that the program applications you need would exist. Sometimes it is more a matter of "it existed once upon a time" but does not anymore because software companies chose to eliminate a feature from their updated versions. Whatever your needs, different situations call for different developers.

The "Patchwork" Developers

These are custom software developers that know how to create "patches" for current and older software. This might be one route for you to take, especially if there was a program application or feature you really found useful on the old software but it does not exist on the updated version. In this instance, the developer creates a "patch" or "bridge" so that the old features and applications you enjoyed can be used in conjunction with the new software.

For example, there have been several features and applications that were removed or "updated" in MS Office Suite. The decision to remove or update these features was based on usage by consumers. Of course, that affects all of the users who actually wanted these features and wanted to continue using them. That is exactly the type of situation where you would hire a "patchwork" developer to create custom software to link the old and new versions of this software package.

The Non-Existent Software Developers

These are the custom software developers you hire when the programming you want to use just does not exist. Other people may have thought about it, but your "brain child" simply has not been birthed into existence. When you explain what you are looking for and what you need in full detail to these developers, you leave all of the programming, code writing and problem solving in their hands and pay them to create the specific software so it works. (Just be aware that the more complicated the applications within the software, the longer it may take the developers to create a fully functional software program.)

One such example of this kind of software is mobile app technology. No two apps do exactly the same thing. In fact, writing code for a single app so that it responds independently to hundreds or thousands of mathematical variables could take a few years for just one app. The "Angry Birds" game is one such example, since the game takes into account the strategy a player could use, the trajectory and angle of the aim, the force with which one object (an angry bird) hits another (a pig, a wood beam, etc.), and the learning curve of the players. If you have need of this type of software development, then you want a "non-existent" software developer's help.

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