If you work in an industrial setting, you probably see a lot of the machines running all day long. With their constant movement, some of these machines eventually begin to wear down and stop working completely. To avoid a complete halt on your plant's production line, it helps to find out and root out which machines are starting to wear down and/or slow down. To accomplish this task, you can use METAL evaluation software. Here is an explanation of what this software is, and how it can help keep your production line running top notch at top speed.

What METAL Evaluation Software Is

METAL stands for Machine Evaluation and Translation Language. The software, then, is a computer program that connects to every computerized component in the factory, runs diagnostic tests and collects the data from both the tests and the normal, daily operations. Typically, engineers would install the software on their laptops and/or engineering computers and CAD computers. In a factory setting, the software on a laptop can be connected to the factory's computers for individual machine tests and then the collected data is stored on the laptop.

How METAL Evaluation Software Can Work for Your Plant

Once you have used the software to measure the day-to-day operations of all of the machines in your factory, and you have run the tests you wanted to run, the data collected can tell you what machines need a serious tune-up. Lack of speed, lack of efficiency, lack of force, lack of pressure and lack of accuracy are all measured by this software. The program can also run a full data analysis so that you can target the worst of the machines and address their issues first.

Spot-tests and spot-evaluations of suspected machine failures may also be conducted using the software. If you think that one piece of equipment or a particular machine is suddenly having problems, you can use the software to connect to the machine's computer and run diagnostics. Usually within just a few minutes you will know whether or not your suspicions are correct.

Training for Use of the METAL Software

Any new graduates of engineering school probably have this training under their belts. However, if your engineers have been with the company for some time, you may want them to complete this new training. The company that sells you the software could probably send a tech representative to your plant to train employees and/or engineers. Otherwise the training is built into and accompanies the software itself, which may be a better option for the self-driven employee/engineer.