Traditionally, cable television was delivered to homes by signal transmitted through copper wire. Today's modern cable is now using fiber optic lines that are run directly to each subscriber's home instead of through aerial or underground copper wires. This new development has made television clearer, Internet signals faster, and less service outages possible. Read on to learn more about what fiber to the home is, and how it works.

How Does It Work?

Fiber connected directly to the home delivers signal from the main switch of the cable provider through a fiber optic line that is run right into a home or business. This eliminates the need for telephone wires and traditional coaxial cables. This new method is quickly spreading to more and more homes throughout the United States and gives customers a much higher bandwidth. resulting in clearer and faster service. The use of optical fiber can move high bandwidth signals over long distances without losing any quality. It is so effective that it can even deliver excellent signal across multiple countries.

Why Is Fiber Being Used Now?

When fiber is connected directly to customers' homes, it provides extremely significant improvements to the overall bandwidth output for television and Internet use. This has now allowed service providers to offer superior service with little to no down time. Since the fiber is run underground, there is no need to worry about overhead lines snapping or coming loose due to inclement weather. It also allows Internet speeds to increase as needed, giving people a much better user experience. As technology changes and grows, cable and Internet providers are able to adapt with it much more easily without having to upgrade or replace the existing fiber.

What Benefits Do Fiber Lines Offer?

Today's savvy Internet user needs a more powerful Internet than in years past. With streaming movies and songs, social media, and online shopping, the demand for a more powerful Internet has significantly increased. Larger corporations now offer full length movies to download, and customers expect to be able to enjoy a rich, full, and smooth multimedia experience while watching television or being online. More electronic devices like smartphones and gaming consoles also connect to the Internet, and with fiber lines run to peoples' homes they can get a much better signal that allows many different devices to operate quickly all at once. Thanks to the better strength bandwidth that fiber lines provide, people can now enjoy a higher quality cable experience than ever before.

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