You have finally taken the plunge and purchased your first laptop computer. The new and pristine device allows you to do all of your school work, social networking, research, gaming, and web surfing wherever your daily travels may take you. However, there are many common mistakes that first-time laptop owners can make that will cost them dearly in laptop replacements, new parts, and computer repairs. Learn what these common errors are and how to avoid them in order to keep your brand-new laptop up and running for as long as possible. 

Not Installing Virus Protection

Perhaps the most fatal error and the easiest to avoid is not installing virus protection software onto your new laptop computer as soon as you boot it up for the first time. While you may think that you will never access any websites containing malicious content or viruses, the truth is hackers and viruses can be found anywhere on the web.

Even sites owned and operated by some of the biggest corporations in the nation can get hacked and infected with viruses. You should never even access the internet if your computer is unprotected.

One Trojan virus or one installation of malicious spyware, and your entire operating system, memory, and hard drive may be compromised and in need of complete reformatting or replacement. So, save yourself the headache and potential identity theft, and protect your computer as soon as it comes out of the box.

Setting Open Containers Of Liquids Near Your Laptop

Just as antivirus software protects the inner workings and data of your computer, vigilance and a clean work area protect the external components of your new laptop. When you are busy working on your latest homework assignment, or reading all of your friends' social media posts, you may be tempted to just place your glass of water or soda right next to your laptop for convenience.

Unfortunately, one bump of the table or mishap when reaching for your glass and the whole thing can pour out onto your open computer. Any liquid can be quite damaging to your laptop. However anything other than water such as soda, coffee, or juice can wreak even more havoc. The liquid will quickly infiltrate the interior of your computer by soaking through air vents, speakers, and underneath your keyboard. 

This may short out your computer entirely, deaden your keyboard, or cause damage that requires the removal and replacement of internal components. All such repairs or replacements are expensive and time-consuming and could totally destroy your laptop and any data stored on it. So, be sure to keep liquids away from your computer or keep them in bottles with resealable lids.

If you can avoid these two novice pitfalls with your new laptop computer, you will be well on your way to keeping your computer in good shape for as long as possible. If you're already having trouble with your computer, speak with a computer repair expert.