When it comes to getting a gift for that special youngster in your life, you want to get them something unique and entertaining. Anyone can go out and get them something from the store, but that doesn't convey how much thought and effort you put into the gift. It also doesn't give them anything different from everyone else in the world. To give them something that is unique and personal, check out some of these personalized products to bring a smile to their face.

Bring out their inner writer.

Regardless of whether your child enjoys writing poetry and other works of art or they simply enjoy writing about what happened to them during the day, a personalized journal is sure to make them smile. Not only can you have the journal personalized with their name on it, but you can also choose a design for the front cover that accentuates their personality and hobbies.

Give them something to carry their valuables with.

Children are always carrying their toys, coloring books, crayons and so on with them wherever they go. Heading out for a ride in the car is no exception. Why not give them something they can use to take everything with them and keep it organized? A personalized tote bag with their name on it is the perfect solution. Top it off with a cute design on their favorite colored bag and you are good to go.

Story time has never been so fun.

While many children love to read books, you can make it even more enjoyable by giving them a personalized book with their name on the cover and throughout the pages. How cool is that? Children will love being able to see their name in the book as they read it.

Put a little twist on an old classic.

Bobbleheads have been around for quite some time. You see them at sporting events, toy stores and so on. How about getting your youngster a personalized bobblehead and making it something truly unique and special for them? You can choose what you want the bobblehead to look like and even say on it. Creating a miniature version of your little one at places like http://www.headbobble.com/ has never been so much fun. They will love looking at it and playing with it.

By choosing one of the personalized gifts above, you can make your little ones face light up when they unwrap the special gift you have chosen for them.