One of the worst feelings is when you drop your cell phone. It can often seem like time stops as you try and save your device, but unfortunately it's too late. While it is too late to save your device once it has fallen, there are some things that you can do to protect it before it drops.

Screen Protectors

Most screen protectors are thin pieces of plastic that can protect your phone from small scratches that pop up, but they won't protect your phone from drops and other damage.

There are screen protectors that are made of glass that can act as a second screen on your device. This keeps the surface of your phone feeling like it normally would and also protects it in case of damage. If you do drop your phone, you can peel off the glass protector and replace it with a new one.

Device Warranty

A warranty isn't the most cost effective option, but if you are prone to dropping your phone, it can be a great investment. Instead of getting a case that can fail, protect it with a warranty that will cover everything that can befall your phone. One thing to consider is that not all warranties are the same. Be sure to read the fine print before you purchase one to make sure that it will cover all the possible problems that you can run into. 

Protective Cases

You can utilize a thin, silicone-based case to provide minimal security for your device. This will protect against small drops of a meter or less. If you need more protection, you can get a case that is tougher. One of the best options is a case that protects against water damage and drops. These cases use a system of seals to encase the electronics of your phone while leaving the glass open to the air. Because they are raised, they provide damage protection. However, because of the seal on the back of the device, if you drop your phone in the toilet or snow, it won't break.

These options can't ensure that you will never need device repair, but they can help to prevent minor accidents. While it can be nice to have your phone be without a case for aesthetic purposes, it is best to keep it in a case to preserve your investment. As you do so, you'll find that your phone will last you longer in better condition.